Why Stay at a Hotel with Butler Service?

With privacy, cleanliness, and minimal contact priorities among travelers when seeking accommodations, luxury hotels offering butler service have a unique advantage as they’re able to offer controlled interactions:

The Spectator Hotel: The only hotel in Charleston offering butler service assigns professionally trained butlers to each guest to ensure all individual needs are met. Available 24/7 and delivering a 360 degree experience, the butlers are professionally trained by the Charleston School of Protocol and can arrange anything from delivering hand-crafted cocktails from The Bar or picking up and delivering meals in-room to more unique requests like transforming a suite’s private outdoor terrace for a romantic movie date or setting up an in-room game night complete with board games, pints of local Jeni’s ice cream, and bottles of wine.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar: Situated on Nassau’s world-renowned Northern Shore, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is home to The Reserve – a hotel-within-a-hotel concept featuring spacious multi-bedroom luxury suites complete with full kitchens, separate living areas, balconies with stunning views of the ocean, and 24-hour butler service. Personal butlers are assigned pre-arrival and can coordinate anything from private car service and personalized excursions to private romantic dinners on the beach and daily in-room meal delivery.

ESPACIO, The Jewel of Waikiki: Honolulu’s most exclusive oceanfront hotel (opened September 2019) offers travelers a previously unavailable private reprieve in the heart of Waikiki. Each of the boutique luxury hotel’s nine, 2,250 square-foot suites occupies its own floor, and all hotel stays include butler service, which can be summoned via the suite’s in-room iPad to arrange private chef service, in-suite spa treatments, luxury car transportation and more. Butlers can also arrange contactless personal styling through the hotel’s partnership with Neiman Marcus. A dedicated stylist will curate a vacation wardrobe tailored to guest’s style preferences that is available in-suite upon arrival.

Exclusive Resorts: The elite vacation club offers travelers highly-trained onsite butlers, known as Concierges, who work with travelers’ Club Ambassadors (who know the family’s preferences inside and out) to plan the safest trip possible. Concierges can provide 100% contactless service and as many or few controlled interactions as desired (i.e. Want housekeeping to sanitize touchpoints twice a day? Prefer no one enter your space?). Upon arrival at any of The Club’s 400+ social distancing-friendly private Residences worldwide, Concierges curate exclusive, local experiences and plan hyper-personalized activities the average vacation property team could not. For example, Concierges in New York have planned a personal visit from one of the New York City Rockettes, including lessons for a Member’s daughter, even though Rockettes don’t usually offer private tours or backstage visits.

What’s The Fuss About Kona Coffee From The Big Island?

While some of us see coffee as a tool best utilized to get us through the day, others obsess over it and rightly so. At least, if the beans are grown in the right conditions and processed with care.

When it comes to the higher end of the coffee spectrum, coffee from Kona trumps any of the options you have at your local supermarket Isle and rivals any specialty brew you’ve heard of too.

So what makes 100% Kona coffee so great, and where can you get your hands on some to try?

What is Kona Coffee?

Kona, located on the Big Island in Hawaii, is famous for a few things. From deep-sea fishing right through to producing some of the most premium coffee beans on the planet.

More specifically, the fuss around these beans centers on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai. This area is known as the Kona coffee belt. Providing some of the most fertile, volcanic soil combined with a microclimate, which makes growing exceptional quality coffee easier than most places on earth.

Within this small region, the beans grow slowly and are sun shade-grown, allowing for the beans’ sugars to develop. Consequently, Kona coffee is associated with producing some of the most flavorful espresso beans, which are ranked near the best in the world.

History Of Coffee In Kona

While Hawaii only exports less than 0.05% of global coffee volumes, coffee has been grown in the region since the early 1800s.

The beans, now known as Kona coffee, are said to originate from Guatemala. These are said to have been imported onto the Big Island in 1892. While the industry’s takeoff wasn’t immediate, it’s flourished since the 1960s and grown aggressively to approximately 900 farms across the small district of Kona.

Why Coffee From Kona Is Famous

Kona beans are known as a type of specialty coffee. The use of premium 100% arabica beans, coupled with the volcanic elevation and soil providing the perfect inputs for coffee beans prized for their flavor.

Additionally, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture grades beans based on their visual appearance, number of defects in each bean, moisture levels, and overall shape. There are 8 degrees of grading, of which the highest class called extra fancy are some of the rarest and premium coffee beans.

These factors combined mean that any coffee destined for export is grown with exceptional care, and buyers can rest assured of the quality of the beans they buy based on the grading system.

Tips to enjoy a visit to Kona coffee growers

While buying coffee directly from Kona is excellent, visiting the farms where these little bags of wonder are grown is an even more surreal experience.

Luckily, most of the farms are open to visits and host regular coffee tours along with tastings. The tours show you the plantations where the coffee is grown and highlight critical processes in the growing, harvesting, and post-processing stages. Obtaining this familiarity means you can walk away from your tour fully briefed on Kona coffee, even if you’re not usually big on the topic!

Camping In Luxury: 17 Places You Can Go Glamping

Glamping is the best way to go camping, where you experience luxury in the wilderness—a way to relax with your family and friends while taking in the fresh air of the outdoors. Taking a break from your busy daily routine is important and traveling to a place where you can sleep under the starry sky, away from the city, is a way to do it.

Below is a list of a few of the world’s most exciting glamping spots that will surely give you an experience of a lifetime. From snow-capped peaks to green plains and deserts, the following camping sites will give you an overview of what you can include in your bucket list:

Eco Camp Patagonia (Chile)
Amid Torres del Paine National Park lies a beautiful glamping spot for tourists known as Eco-Camp. It has the distinction of being the very first completely sustained accommodation in the region.

There are guides to help you in trekking during the day and at night. Guests are served with delicious meals that can be enjoyed with family and friends. Tourists can fall asleep looking into the vast sky and stargazing through dome-shaped huts.

The domes are built in the same way as the dwelling of ancient tribes. So, if you decide to visit this place, be sure to book the dome with bathroom facilities and more.

Longitude 131 (Australia)
Located in the heart of Australia is the Longitude 131, which will give you one beautiful experience of a lifetime. Longitude 131 provides you with a sensational view of the outback icon and wilderness of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Lying amid a dune and surrounded by oaks and spinifex, the gorgeous and luxurious tented pavilions of Longitude 131 are shadowed by the magnificence of the landscape. Tourists can discover the culture and traditions of Anangu tribes and explore the sites.

This glamping spot is sure to make your jaw drop.

Tree-bones Resort (California)
Tree-bones Resort is one of the best resorts in California with its luxurious cabins and a splendid view of the ocean. Two of the popular restaurants serve tourists with local cuisine. The resorts grow their vegetables and chickens, and are proud of the fact that they rely on solar power by more than 50 percent.

Guests can go on trekking as there are multiple hiking trails available. You can have a nice and soothing massage after a tiresome day of exploring and partying. You can visit Tetonvalleyvacationrentals.com for more options.

Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson Weigh in On Election

The US Presidential election will finally be decided later tonight.

There are some very outspoken members of the professional Judi Online player community when it comes to US politics, and it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that these people have been extremely vocal about the likes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump via their Twitter accounts.

With that being said, here are some of the comments that some of the more notable members of the poker community have made in the run-up to tonight’s election:

Daniel Negreanu:

“Only a loser would complain about it being easier and more accessible for every American to vote. Mr.Trump, you are that loser. As expected.”

“@SenJohnMcCain who did you vote for John? Honestly? The guy who mocked you repeatedly and is a lunatic, or the other one?”

“@Welcome2daPlaza we had 8 years of the Clintons and did just fine. We’ll be ok. Trump? He is a mentally unstable lunatic unfit for POTUS”

Doyle Brunson:

“I had a blowup with Vanessa for calling me ignorant and stupid, but I guess I’ll let u slide. It’s a shame u can’t see how corrupt HRC is.”

“I’ve got a knot in my stomach about this election.I’ve already voted for Trump but don’t like him. I still feel like he is the best choice”

“It’s a toss up which candidate is worse. An idiot or the most corrupt person to ever run for office. Where are Kasich, Rubio, even Cruz”

Justin Bonomo:

“Trump supporters, don’t forget that Election Day is only 20 days away. Mark your calendars for November 28th!”

Erik Seidel:

“If Donald is going to Make America great again why are the markets expected to crash if he’s elected?”


Mike Sexton has spent a lifetime making poker and Situs Poker Online players better.

I could probably stop right there; that sets him plenty apart from the rest of us. But whether you know who Mike is or not, read on—it’s worth spending some time saluting one of the true heroes of the game.

I don’t know how long Mike has been around poker—I could look it up in the blogs, the interviews, and the books—but it doesn’t matter. It’s longer than I’ve been around poker and longer than you, too. It seems like forever. Mike’s stories go back into the old days of Las Vegas poker with people such as Doyle Brunson, Johnny Moss, and Chip Reese.

Mike has stories of legendary poker games, and golf bets when he had more money riding on the game than he had to his name. The tales are amazing and I encourage you to track them down, not least in his book, Life’s a Gamble.

But anybody who immersed himself in the Las Vegas poker/gambling milieu for that long is likely to have a story or two. What makes Mike different is not his stories, but how he directed his career and life to the betterment of poker.

In 1999, he created a tournament only for people who had won a tournament with at least a $200 buy-in in the prior year, or had a WSOP bracelet. He called it the “Tournament of Champions” and wanted to use it to get attention and sponsorship for poker from outside the casino walls. I know because I was there; I had won the BARGE tournament in 1998 and that turned out to qualify me. I got together a collection of suckers backers and put up the $2,000 buy-in.

It was at the Orleans in Las Vegas, and man, what a spectacle. The players marched in, Olympics style, to Queen’s We are the Champions. It took forever, the song played forever, and to this day, I have to click past the tune as soon as We Will Rock You fades down. But no matter, Mike was there in his tux, with a dream to make poker something bigger.